Green Roof & Other Seeding

CONVENTIONAL SEEDING of both grass and wildflower mixtures offers our clients a cost saving alternative to hydroseeding their projects.

Hydro Turf has invested in modern seeding and cultivation equipment ranging from pedestrian seeders and tractor mounted air seeders to decompaction units through to final cultivation machinery to achieve the perfect seed bed for any site no matter what size.

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A first within the hydroseeding industry and the brain child of Hydro Turf is our 'GREEN ROOF HYDROSEEDER'
This bespoke hydroseeder was designed in-house by the Hydro Turf team in 2011 to undertake one of Europe's largest green roof projects and is now proving popular as a viable option to using expensive pre-grown blankets and plugs on sites where immediate plant cover is not necessarily required.

Our 'green roof hydroseeder' is lifted from its own trailer by site crane and positioned directly onto the roof space offering safe access and working conditions for its specialist operatives. It is fully H&S compliant, with a crane lifting certificate renewed every six months.
The unit has a low kg/m2 load baring whilst still being of a size to be able to complete a productive 150-200m2 of cover a load. The pump and engine are uprated to handle 120m of hose if required so the machine does not normally need to be repositioned and so does not tie up valuable crane time on the site. 

The 'green roof hydroseeder' delivers a productive and cost effective solution to any roof space project in the UK and most importantly allows environmental consultants and architects the ability to specify bespoke site mixtures that aren't grown commercially to deliver the best environmental habitat to that project.

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Green Roof Application

Operated directly on the roof space our unique 'green roof hydroseeder' allows safe, controlled and clean applications.