Hydroseeding, sometimes mistakenly called hydraseeding, aquaseeding or hydromulching, is a quick and cost effective method of achieving quality grass establishment to any size of area, including; flat ground, difficult access sites, undulating ground and extreme slopes.

Hydroseeding applications start with combining bespoke site specific seed mixes with professional grade; wood fibre based mulches, slow release granular fertiliser, bio-growth stimulants and a tackifier/binder into water.

Once best specification for the project is agreed these materials are placed into a hydroseeding machine where they are constantly agitated and mixed together with the water to achieve a thick slurry. 
The seed is protected and nourished by the mulch and creates a micro-environment for the seed to sit in on the soil until germination occurs. The nutritious mulch then accelerates growth and ensures establishment of new healthy grass palnts by providing the perfect growing conditions. The mulch will maintain support until establishment when it then naturally breaks down turning to humus.

Once the material is evenly mixed it is almost standard policy for Hydro Turf hydroseeding applications to only be made via the machines hand held hoses. This methodology is best practise as it achieves excellent contact with the soil and inturn delivers best end results.
Hose applications achieve; best uniform coverage, best erosion control and most importantly best germination results. Typically, canon applications (these are made static from the machines turret deck) are only ever made by our operatives when working on steep gradient slopes where hoses cant safely be utilised or on projects that are very large with areas requiring seeding for the lowest possible cost.

The majority of our competitors will use the canon as their preferred method of application and this means very low costs to the client, however beware! cheap must be done quickly with little hydroseeding mulch used. Quick canon based applications will deliver alot of inaccurate spraying, windblown mess, inaccurate application rates and virtually no erosion control to your topsoil leaving the seed vulnerable to washout. BEWARE - Cheap will rarely achieve good, sustainable end results. 


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