Hydro Turf Lawn™             

Hydro Turf Lawn™ was first developed in 2008 for our growing number of; landscape designers, domestic clients, development companies and local authority clients who required a cost effective and true quality alternative to laying turf.

Hydro Turf Lawn™ is a bespoke very high quality hydroseeding application using site specific seed mixes and growing mediums to achieve the finest of grass swards.

Hydro Turf Lawn™ can actually establish quicker than turf rolls and absorbs all available water slowly releasing it to the seed so that it does not dry out quickly or shrink like turf. Hydro Turf Lawn™ is very easy to look after using up to 70% less water than turf due to the moisture retentive qualities of the product. Our premium mulch actually changes colour as the top layer begins to loose optimum moisture levels, this acts as an indicator to show that a brief rewetting of the area is required to maintain best germiantion conditions.

We can offer the use of many different seed mixes to account and adapt for shady, dry, wet and low maintenance areas within the same project boundaries making Hydro Turf Lawn™ a versatile choice for any project.

Wildflower is a very popular option with our clients and over the years we have established many acres of beautiful landscapes including; an otter reserve, natural burial sites, estate boundary batters, wildflower meadows, woodland areas and gardens breaks.

Pricing is typically 60% cheaper than turf projects fully applied and a ‘full service’ package including; initial evaluation, ground preparation and application is available for those who require a start to finish service. 

Please contact us at office@hydroturf.co.uk to find out more about Hydro Turf Lawn™

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