About Hydro Turf™

Hydro Turf as a company was founded to fill a recognised gap in the grass establishment market back in 2004. Turf projects were expensive and time consuming with too much aftercare to establish and dry seeding was way to 'hit or miss' and often showed poor results. There seemed to be nothing in the middle on offer that worked to the landscape contractor. Hydroseeding was available in the UK then by a handful of companies but none of them where delivering a quality led service and the reputation was very much low cost motorway schemes contracting.

So, convinced of a business opportunity and after much research including a hydroseeding training trip to the USA, the first hydroseeder had been ordered and the Hydro Turf brand was created and began slowly emerging into the UK hydroseeding market. In 2005, Hydro Turf had gained momentum and was approached by Easy Lawn hydroseeders to represent their machinery sales in the UK, IRE and some European territories. A natural progression from this was to start to import from the USA professional grade hydroseeding mulch and consumables for our own contracting use and onward sales as no such professional grade source was available in the UK.
By 2007 machinery and supply sales were well established and it was decided to create a stand alone company away from Hydro Turf to handle and develop the mulch sales. This created hydroseedingsupplies.co.uk which now imports around 20,000 bales of mulch a year and is the largest supplier in the UK and IRE.

Over the years the Hydro Turf brand has continued to develop in this specialist area, gaining recognistion for consistant, quality hydroseeding and conscientious work. Hydro Turf remains to this day the only company operating in the UK who was intially trained in the USA by long term hydroseeding professionals/associated machinery companies and educated in how to mix and apply various fibre mulches correctly to different types of terrain. From this initial professional training Hydro Turf is positioned as the only company to approach for delivering high quality hydroseeding. Our testimonials are many and our APPROVED 'FLEXTERRA' INSTALLER accreditation (1 of only 2 in the UK) from the worlds leading and best known hydroseeding supplies manufacturer, Profile Products, is also a testament to the high quality of our work.

Please contact us today to discuss your project at office@hydroturf.co.uk